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  • A Drop of D.C


    Clean. Beautiful. Green. These were the immediate thoughts that came to mind as we drove from Washington Dules International Airport to my hotel. A 40 minute drive. I had left Kenya at 10:15pm on Saturday, took over 18 hours, yet I arrived in Washington at 1:20pm on Sunday 🙂 Well, of course, Kenya is 7 […]

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  • High School Musings

    2006 February. I cannot recall the date but I vividly remember. It was a hot afternoon, all my bags packed and I was dressed in one of my favourite attires back then. I had a poor sense of fashion at fourteen years. An old yellow cashmere sweater, black stretch hipster pants and plain sandals and […]

  • Tech
  • Sitting down with Kent Beck.


    Last week on Wednesday, I had the opportunity to sit down and have a conversation with Kent Beck for over an hour. Kent Beck is an American Software Developer, the creator of extreme programming, has authored books like Test Driven Development By Example and is currently a Technical Coach at Facebook. Our conversation started with […]

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  • Second Chances


    Sometimes passions die, and sometimes, they just take a year off 🙂 It has been a year since I last did a genuine post on my blog. And by blog, I mean the old domain because what’s a comeback without a new domain? Hello gertiesheshe.com, I have been waiting to own you. Over the past […]

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  • When I had truth


    Once upon a time, I had truth, I had honesty, and I had trust. I felt certain, I felt complete and  I was sure. Freedom, they say, is fought for. But this freedom I felt, I was sure was gifted to me. That is why every day I was thankful. Every moment I was grateful. […]