What I’ve learned…


Most of the lessons I learn and remember in life, are those that happen during difficult and painful moments. That was most of my 2017. I have been holding off sharing this because it’s still something I’m not comfortable having out there, but I’ll share the lessons.

I’ll start with a back story; I got my job at Andela in 2015, and everything started looking up from that moment. I had a job I loved, I was getting the exposure I desired, I Co-Founded Tech In Pink, I got promoted twice, I was big on community, I was influencing young women, I was leading a couple of initiatives, I travelled to the US and connected with a diverse set of people, I was doing interviews, I had someone special in my life that was always supportive and most importantly, I felt like my spiritual life was getting better. I am a Christian, and I feel like I don’t say that enough.

Everything was wonderful, until June 2017, when it all began crumbling. I remember a full week straight where I was crying every night – the last time I ever cried myself to sleep that much was around 2014.

It was a hard month, and the months after were also very different from what I expected.

It’s two months into 2018 and I feel like I can begin talking about it, and I’ll begin with the lessons:

  1. I have learned that life will go as planned by God. God executes His will and not mine.
  2. I have and still am learning that people are selfish and they will fail you.
  3. I have learned, that if you do not take care, you will let the wrong people into your life.
  4. I have learned to define the circle of friends I keep around, and this sometimes means I will be lonely.
  5. I have learned the pain of loss.
  6. I have learned that life is first and foremost relational. Relationship with God, with family, with friends, with your spouse.
  7. I have learned the pain of multiple failures.
  8. I have learned to love myself over and over in my insecurities.
  9. I have learned to live a day at a time.
  10. I have learned, as a Christian, that God reveals something in my pain.
  11. I have learned to embrace change, to anticipate it and to appreciate every passing moment.
  12. I have learned and was reminded of the Sovereignty and Providence of God.
  13. I have learned you outgrow things.
  14. I have learned fame and titles are short-lived.

The past six/seven months have pushed me to a state of deep reflection, assessing different aspects of my life, redefining my goals, priorities and values and being mindful of so many things. Pain and brokenness have given me a new lens to look at life with and try to see more than simply meets the eye 🙂




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  1. You’ll be fine

  2. Akpati Maxwell says: Reply

    I had to screenshot this, it’s almost a phase everyone passes through. In all of it we come out as better people and trust me, there are wisdom that can’t be gotten from books but solely from experience.

  3. Waithira says: Reply

    Wow, it’s great you put your story out here. You strong gal. Keep up the spirit.

  4. Oluebube Princess Egbuna says: Reply

    This is me at this point in my life.

    It hurts but well, life goes on.

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