The Moon by my bedside.


Cold. It’s cold outside. The wind whistling to an unknown tune and the trees, the few there are, sway obediently. I can hear them walking outside, the people. Lives so committed to everything else apart from themselves. I hear them drive by. I wonder what time they rise. Is this so bad of a dog’s life or are people just seeking in vain? It’s 1:00, so deep in the night.

The dogs bark. Their howling pierces the silence of the night reminding me once again that I should be asleep. But I am not, or rather I cannot. Sleep has for the last few days deserted me. For who or for what reason, I know not. So here I am. Staring into the darkness of my room. Thinking. Words racing in my mind and thoughts occupying my head. It’s funny sometimes, how life turns out. Sad, too. Sometimes it’s great, sometimes there isn’t really much to write home about. That’s the reality of life. It’s not fair…but it’s good.

No, I am not here to whine about life:) It’s almost obvious that is the thought the last words might ignite.

From where I lie, I can see the moon, right outside my window. This is of course not something I knew. It is a matter of coincidence. It is all coincidence that I am lying at whatever angle I am lying right now, that I can comfortably see the moon. All coincidence that I am awake at 1:00 AM. I presume if it were 12:00 or 11:00 then the moon wouldn’t have been at this particular position and this post wouldn’t have been inspired. But one thing is clearly not coincidence. The majesty that the moon carries with it. It being there in the first place is already a sign of awesome works of wonder.

I stare. I gaze. I ponder. I take it all in. Who would imagine beauty would make so much sense in the dead of the night. To add to my already overwhelmed heart, it is a full moon. Round and shining in all its glory. Strangely, I feel peaceful. I even smile. No, I don’t cry, at least not yet.

Its light cuts across my face such that my eyes, nose and forehead are illuminated and the rest of my face is not. I can feel my eyes sparkling. I know my pupils are dancing with excitement. The awe. The amazement. The wonder. So glorious.

Its 1:24 AM. I cannot sleep, but I have the Moon by my bedside:)

The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky above proclaims his handiwork. Psalms 19:1

I wrote this last night. It goes up tonight. Tonight it is raining. So, here I am again, awake, marveling at the raindrops as they hit my window:)

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