The Agony of Healing.


A paradox.

The path is long. Endless. Yet the journey beckons.

Calming, but tempestuous. Breath taking, but suffocating. Rejuvenating, but degenerative. Peaceful, but chaotic. Yet the journey beckons.

It’s a storm in your heart. Doubt is attacking, courage is needed. Pain is haunting, strength is sought. Weakness is tempting, bravery is in want of. Fear is friendly, boldness steps forth. Loss is aggressive, hope shines a light. Tiresome. Yet the journey beckons.

Every step on the path motions change. Every breath gestures a new start. Every blink, the picture becomes clearer. Every choice to move forward, the journey becomes easier.

Keep moving. The journey always beckons. The path always seeks you as you seek it.

Healing takes time. Healing can be painful. Healing can require you to break. Healing can cause pain. Healing can mean loss. Loss of yourself, to find yourself. Loss of joy, to find joy. Whatever shape or form it comes in, always choose to heal. Because healing is what you need.

unsplash-logoBekir Dönmez

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