Second Chances


Sometimes passions die, and sometimes, they just take a year off 🙂

It has been a year since I last did a genuine post on my blog. And by blog, I mean the old domain because what’s a comeback without a new domain? Hello, I have been waiting to own you.

Over the past many months, I put my blog on the shelf. I ditched my writing. I ignored anyone dropping hints and I lived a life where I constantly pushed back any thoughts of luring words to give rise to a compelling article. Excuses would run through my already hesitant mind:

Who still reads them?

My writing probably sucks right now.

I don’t have anything to write about.

 I write tech post these days. 

That was simply a chapter of my life.

Some days these excuses worked, on most days they did not. Especially as I kept on adding the term blogger/writer every time I introduced or talked about myself.

Things have changed in my life. I have achieved goals. I have experienced tremendous growth. I have taken risks. I have cultivated friendships. I have kick-started my career. I have learned to learn. I have taught and led. I have been thrown off my comfort zone. I have experienced failure. I have gone through moments of doubt and unbelief. I have learned to be introspective. I have broken and mended relationships. I have had every opportunity in the world to write yet I ruthlessly killed the desire. If anything, this is the year I got more reasons to write than any other 🙂

But we are not here to mope over things. We accept and move on. Just like we’ve done with Trump’s win, right? right?

On Saturday morning, I woke up, feeling somewhere between great and good. It wasn’t the best morning but it was certainly not the worst. The week had been exceptionally hectic. Things had flown off in wrong and unexpected directions, I literally caught myself googling ‘motivational words’ at one point. Maybe I thought I’d be able to motivate the week to end. Either way, when it clocked 11pm on Friday evening (that’s when I close shop) I was more than happy to look towards stepping into the long anticipated weekend.

The morning weather wasn’t particularly the best but I have seen worse. I remembered I am to write an article draft for my company. To get some inspiration, I began looking up some articles on related topics just to get my mind thinking in the right direction. In the process, bikozulu crossed my mind. I decide to check out what he’s been writing of late. I secretly hope he has abandoned his blog just so I can justify myself. Shame on me. I read one article, two, three…I head over to shikungigi, and I read more, I stop over at scenesanaa and I keep clicking links until finally I found myself on my own blog. At first, it felt like strange land. Like I had been dropped off by a bus in the wrong location. I wanted to close the tab but I saw an article I wrote last year in December so I read it. I loved it so I scrolled and clicked on another, and another, and another. Memories began strolling in. Laughter escaped my lips. Eyes lit up in remembrance. For a moment, it felt like I was literally going back in time reliving the years. Every post validated my desire to want to write again, and this time, I fully embraced it.

And that is how I found myself chatting with a customer care agent from a hosting company and bought the domain and began setting up. I have imported some of my articles from my old blog but I am not closing it down yet. Allow me to suffer from attachment issues.

With that, this is me starting over. Sometimes we may ignore part of who we are to accommodate current different changing situations, as was my case. But as it turns out, if it is genuinely part of you, it will always come back.

Welcome to my new home of words 🙂


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  1. Yes!!!! Finally!! Beautiful. Love it.

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