Draw Back. Shoot.

Bow in arm, firmly gripped in your wrist. On your side, arrows lean steadily on each other in the arrow tube. You reach out for one and nock it. You attach your mechanical grip and look out in the open field. The target, still as can be, beckons you. You stand at a right angle from it, feet firmly placed on the ground.


The wind rushes past your face, as if showering you with luck. Your eyes lock with the target. Every other sense grows numb to your surrounding, yet still remain alert. A small girl behind you is telling a story, her voice fades away. An archer besides you is celebrating a Robin Hood shot, she disappears slowly from your view.


“It’s just you and the target. Nothing else exists.” He tells you.


You lift up the bow and draw the string to your cheek. You feel the tension in your muscles, you are slightly shaking. Too many thoughts cross your mind. Doubt begins to knock. Your heart beats a little faster.




You let go of all anxiety. You clear your mind of all jumble. Your only thought is the target. It sits before you, calmly. Aware of your intentions, yet still persuades you. You breathe out. Your muscles relax. Everything in your peripheral view stops existing. Quiet. You hear your heart beating. You note your chest rising up and down with unusual awareness. You perceive blood flowing in your veins to your arms.


You are one with the bow and arrow.


You relax. Stand firm. Target acquired.


You release the arrow. It takes off with pronounced energy delighted to hit the target. Filled with eagerness to fulfil its destiny. Charged with ambition. Packed with zeal. It bolts past the wind with vigor. Nothing else mattered. Nothing but the goal.

You hit a 10.

“Good shot Ma’am. Now forget about it.”

You smile and nock another arrow and breathe again. The secret to archery is to live in the moment.


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    A literary beauty. A wonderful piece

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