Be Still.


When it hurts. When you’re lost. When courage deserts you. Be still. When you’re broken. When it all doesn’t make sense. When you’ve been abandoned. Be still. When it all crashes before you. When you loose your grip. When you drown in it all. Be still.

When the pain is deep. When the silence is loud. When loneliness is present. Be still. When you’re afraid. When you’re uncertain. When it’s all going wrong. Be still. When breathing is hard. When smiling is burden-some. When speaking is impossible. Be still.

When love is scarce. When hugs are expensive. When arms are no longer wide open. Be still. When dreams are nightmares. When hopes are dashed. When calm is absent. Be still. When your heart fails you. When your feet won’t move. When strength abandons you. Be still.

Be still – it’s not the end. Be still – it shall pass. Be still – you’re still beautiful. Be still – someone still loves you. Be still – it’s all a journey. Be still – you are more than this. Be still – you will smile again. Be still – you will come out stronger.

Be still my soul.


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