Why your 4c hair is breaking.

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Ever felt like you are shedding way too much hair or your hair is suddenly feeling shorter than it used to be? The following could be the reasons causing your hair breakage 🙂


You are not moisturizing your hair enough. Type 4 tends to be dry therefore moisture is critical. Water is your friend. Probably you are coming from years of relaxing and you had to keep away from water, you are now free to dip your curls in water. I spray my hair with water every morning and night, and I mean everyday, whether in a protective style or not.

Sealing in the moisture is also imperative. I do the LOC method once or twice a week. This also depends on how dry your hair tends to get.


However, regardless of how often you do it, the last thing you want is product build up and that’s why I revamp my hair by just spritzing some water on it daily until the next LOC session.


You are detangling your hair the wrong way. Rule of thumb, never detangle your hair when it’s dry. Just leave it. Dry hair is more prone to breakage therefore detangle your hair when it’s damp. Spray some water or apply water based leave in conditioner or during wash day, whatever you do don’t detangle when it’s dry.


Secondly, drop that fine tooth comb and use your fingers or go for a wider tooth comb. If you comb your dry hair every morning with a fine tooth comb then you need to pause and think about the choices you are making for your hair 🙂

Hair style.

Hair styles are notorious for leaving with your edges. Consider switching to friendlier hairstyles and requesting your hairstylist to be easier on the edges. Lynne from Lynne’s hair island has done my hair a couple of times and is very gentle on edges. How you style your hair after it’s done is also important. Tie your box braids bun or ponytail looser. Heavy hair also pulls at your hair edges.

Secondly, moisturize your hair when it’s in a protective style. One common mistake I see most people do is neglecting their hair when it’s in box braids or weaves and when they take them down, they proceed to comb. Ever wondered why that comb departs with too much of your hair strands? Because your hair is dry after weeks of neglect so it breaks easily.


You are always doing something with your hair. I am guilty of this. I have had weeks where I re-twist my hair differently every night because I wanted a different style the following day. Also when I was starting out as a natural, I never trusted my twist outs to last a day. I actually had this mentality until earlier this year 😀 Now, I let my bantu knot outs or twist outs last three to four days before re-doing them. This keeps my hands out of my hair for a couple of days resulting in less manipulation.

Satin Scarf/pillow case

If you hate having a scarf on your head then get a satin pillow case. Sleeping on your cotton pillow case drys your hair and the friction will cause it to break. Worse when you have days of dry hair and sleep without a satin scarf.

You can get great satin bonnets from here.

Keep loving your fro :*


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