5 essential natural hair products under 500kshs


Going natural is so expensive, or at least it is claimed to be. And I don’t blame anybody for saying this, all you need to do is go to the hair section in a beauty shop (super cosmetics for my case) and see how costly the products are. And this can be really intimidating and frustrating. I almost always meet a natural every time I visit super cosmetics, looking like they are deliberating whether or not to buy a product.

One time, I wanted to shift to using purely Shea Moisture or Cantu products but changed my mind because of the cost. I also wanted to try different curling creams and thought of As I Am, but never got to buy it because of the cost. So yes, going natural can be expensive if you only want to use particular high end brands, but there are other products which work just as good at a lower price.

As a natural, I always strive to get the best product for my hair but also not spend too much money while at it. In this post I’ll list 5 products that are below Kshs 500 and that are good enough to sustain you on your hair journey. These products also contain as many natural ingredients as possible.

Coconut Oil.

I mean, the first product just has to be coconut oil 😀 There are different brands but I’d suggest going for virgin/raw unprocessed coconut oil. Kentaste has grown really popular, and for good reason, it works wonders both on hair and skin (my sister can tell you this for free). They come in different sizes with the 400ml being at around 390/=  depending on where you buy, plus they have a smaller 250ml size. A little goes a long way so it will last you.


Note: Alisons is not very pure. Learned this after reacting to it when I first applied it on my skin. It works well on my hair though but I still made the switch to Kentaste.

Marini curling butter/gel

This is for those who love curls. I always wear bantu knot outs or twist outs when I have my hair out so I definitely swear by these products. I have heard concerns from a number of people about Marini not working well enough, and I have an issue too with the curling butter. Using it alone does not making my curls last as long, but they still pop anyway. So if you are only going for a one to two days of curls you can choose the butter, else go with the gel, your curls will last longer, plus you can also lay your edges with it, if you’re one of those people.


Sometimes I use a cocktail of both and it works just fine. But we are staying below 5oo here 🙂 The 100ml sizes go for 495/= depending on where you buy them.

Shampoo bars.

I’m guilty of still using the usual nice and lovely shampoos with sulfates that are quite cheap, BUT I always ensure that I have properly conditioned my hair after and moisturize it well after since sulfates are drying. I once tried Marini shampoo but it was quite expensive considering  250ml costs 900/= and I had to use a lot of the product in one wash. I then moved to Creme of Nature sulfate free shampoo (costs 600/=* for 354ml) and I loved it because it lathered better than Marini but then my scalp acted up and so it’s out of the picture for now. I then discovered shampoo bars, I got my first henna shampoo bar for 150Kshs in last years hairitage chronicles and it lasted for over 8 weeks and it lathered well and wasn’t drying. You can get shampoo bars from bu.ke and sheth naturals at as low as 250ksh. You can also look around for differnet varities and remember to always check the ingredients. Ingredients matter.

bu.ke –> 420/= for 150g, 250/= for 60g

sheth naturals –> 350/= for 100g

Protein treatment and conditioner.

Doing a protein treatment and conditioning gives you stronger moisturized hair and reduces breakage so I cannot stress the importance of this. You can read here about the difference between deep conditioning and protein treatment, they can be confusing.

I do mine every two weeks but you need to know your hair type to know how often you should do it to avoid protein overload. I have always used ORS for a while and never changed, so that’s what I will recommend. ORS hair mayonnaise provides protein treatment and conditioning.


You can also decide to DIY instead. There are various resources you can find online on how to create your mix. This product costs 460/= for 227g. Cost depends on where you buy, you can find it cheaper.

Water spray bottle.

This is the best thing to have and comes in handy when you want to get your hair damp without washing, or for a daily spritz. You can buy the bottles cheaply at any outlet. Super cosmetics, best lady etc or you can alternatively use an old product spray bottle, clean it up and fill it with water, that way you get it for free 🙂


With the above products you can start and maintain a healthy hair journey. You have a shampoo to cleanse scalp, protein treatment and conditioner to moisturize and strengthen hair, an oil to seal in moisture and a butter to enhance your curls and water to revamp your curls on a dry day. Simple regime, it doesn’t always have to be complex 🙂

I know watching YouTube videos tempts you to buy those exact products, but frankly, maybe you do not need a 3000Kshs curling cream to achieve the same result as a  490Kshs Marini gel.

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  1. laura says: Reply

    thanks Gertie for the great article
    I know this is not related to the topic but how do you prevent the hair from tangling so much? my daughter’s hair gives me so much headache, please help

    1. Gertie says: Reply

      Hey Laura! You can try using a good leave in conditioner for her 🙂 Also, try detangling as you take down her protective styles and wash her hair in sections to prevent further tangling. Detangle more often too and keep her hair moisturized.

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