4 ways I style my 4c Natural hair :)


When I went natural, I remember freaking out over how I would style my hair, so I always tucked it away in braids and other protective styles, until, of course, when I discovered these styles 🙂

Pineapple/bun with a bang

Pineapple is definitely my favourite but is my most difficult style to achieve. When I say my hair has it’s own personality, I am not kidding. I used to wear this style a lot last year but it seems my hair feels differently about it this year so I only rock it on days when I am in luck 🙂 other times, I just style it into a bun




Bantu Knot Outs.

This is my easiest, simplest go to style this year! Whenever I have any other style on, it’s like my hair is constantly weeping to get this done. The only downside is that it involves about an hour of getting the bantu knots done. I never mind it though 🙂

I wear the take down for three days straight without re-doing. I just spritz with water and wear a satin scarf to bed and fluff the curls back in the morning.




Front up do, free back.

This is my second favorite style and very convenient. I wear this most times when I am tired the night before and just did two or three three strand braids to bed.


Twist outs with side pinned.

Easiest way to style a fresh twist out (or old) Always a go to style on those days I just took out twists and don’t want to think too much about it 🙂





This, I have just discovered is the best go to style when you and your hair are not in good terms. You’re not feeling it and it’s not co-operating so you tie it up in a puff to think about its life 🙂 Still a cute style regardless.


These are my simplest everyday go to styles when I want to wear my hair out and it’s not a special occasion. Let me know what your favorite is.

Keep loving your fro :*

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  1. Mbithe says: Reply

    Love it! My go-to is the puff when I’m wearing my hair out, otherwise I usually rock two flat-twists. I think I need more variety – thanks for the inspo! 😍

    1. Gertie says: Reply

      Thanks! Looking forward to seeing the new variety you’ll be adding 🙂

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