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  • What I’ve learned…


    Most of the lessons I learn and remember in life, are those that happen during difficult and painful moments. That was most of my 2017. I have been holding off sharing this because it’s still something I’m not comfortable having out there, but I’ll share the lessons. I’ll start with a back story; I got […]

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  • 2017 gave me a friend…


    10:00 am in the morning. It’s a weekend. A weekend like any other. A day of rest, a chance to sleep in, an opportunity to switch off your phone and ignore the world as you treat yourself to long baths, soaked feet, scalp massages and a special meal. A meal you’d have to fill all […]

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  • High School Musings

    2006 February. I cannot recall the date but I vividly remember. It was a hot afternoon, all my bags packed and I was dressed in one of my favourite attires back then. I had a poor sense of fashion at fourteen years. An old yellow cashmere sweater, black stretch hipster pants and plain sandals and […]

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  • Second Chances


    Sometimes passions die, and sometimes, they just take a year off 🙂 It has been a year since I last did a genuine post on my blog. And by blog, I mean the old domain because what’s a comeback without a new domain? Hello gertiesheshe.com, I have been waiting to own you. Over the past many […]

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  • When I had truth


    Once upon a time, I had truth, I had honesty, and I had trust. I felt certain, I felt complete and  I was sure. Freedom, they say, is fought for. But this freedom I felt, I was sure was gifted to me. That is why every day I was thankful. Every moment I was grateful. […]