• Hair Tales
  • 4 ways I style my 4c Natural hair :)


    When I went natural, I remember freaking out over how I would style my hair, so I always tucked it away in braids and other protective styles, until, of course, when I discovered these styles 🙂 Pineapple/bun with a bang Pineapple is definitely my favourite but is my most difficult style to achieve. When I […]

  • Travel
  • A Drop of D.C


    Clean. Beautiful. Green. These were the immediate thoughts that came to mind as we drove from Washington Dules International Airport to my hotel. A 40 minute drive. I had left Kenya at 10:15pm on Saturday, took over 18 hours, yet I arrived in Washington at 1:20pm on Sunday 🙂 Well, of course, Kenya is 7 […]

  • Musings
  • High School Musings

    2006 February. I cannot recall the date but I vividly remember. It was a hot afternoon, all my bags packed and I was dressed in one of my favourite attires back then. I had a poor sense of fashion at fourteen years. An old yellow cashmere sweater, black stretch hipster pants and plain sandals and […]