When I had truth


Once upon a time, I had truth, I had honesty, and I had trust. I felt certain, I felt complete and  I was sure. Freedom, they say, is fought for. But this freedom I felt, I was sure was gifted to me. That is why every day I was thankful. Every moment I was grateful. Every minute I was happy. My soul was never restless. It rested in the certainty of truth. It soared in the confidence of trust and it shone in the light of honesty. My heart danced. Every day it danced. To the melody and tempo it moved. To its own heartbeat, it cheered. Every moment I could feel it twinkling. It never stopped. Why would it? Why would it stop when the soul was its partner? Why would it stop when the air was filled with assurance? When I had truth.

Once upon a time I had light. I walked down the road of earnestness. I danced to the music of sincerity. I drank from the cup of love and I rested on a bed of promise. My little world knew no darkness, or shade. It was all bright. Everything was illuminated. Nothing belonged to the dark. The stars twinkled and the sun shone. The rainbow never went away and the birds never stopped chirping. Laughter was always resounding and eyes danced with excitement. There was nothing to hide, I prided in being bare. When I had light.

Once upon a time, I was invincible. I knew no doubt, I knew no shame, and I knew no defeat. I was on top of the world. I was protected. None an obstacle was too big for me and none a task too hard. Such magnitude of strength I possessed. I had no sword to slay. I had no knife to cut. I had no bomb to detonate. My only armor was love. When I was invincible.

Once upon a time I had it all. I had trust. I had truth. I had light. I was invincible. When you do too, do not stop your heart from dancing. Because you do not know when the music will stop and your heart will fall and break into a million pieces.

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