Life will break your heart.


You’d think that only love has the capability of tearing your heart apart like an excited child unwrapping his Christmas present leaving pieces tattered everywhere leaving you choking in pain. If you have loved before you know this, and you probably believe that it’s only love that can give you extreme bliss and before you know it, it turns against you and you are left in the air, falling thousands of feet from the high it had taken you.

Love will break your heart, and so will your dreams, and your family, and things you are not even aware of now. Life in general will break your heart in one way or another, whichever age you are whatever position you hold, however important you are.

Your dreams will break your heart. You will finally discover an opportunity that you are positive is your breakthrough, as is the commonly used term. You decide to pursue it and you are positive that you have everything, after all, it is your dream, your passion, you have basically been rehearsing for this from the minute you left your mother’s womb. Until a panel has to screen and determine whether you are worth it  and every minute of it feels like a resounding of the words ‘you are not good enough’. Yes, not good enough for your dream, not worthy of your passion, not deserving of the chance.

Your family will break your heart. You will sit together and laugh over those hearty meals that can only be enjoyed with family. You will talk about endless topics, mostly making fun of each other and sharing memories  on those group chats long enough to  regret it the following day as you struggle to get to work. You will cook traditional dishes using firewood, enduring a smoke-filled kitchen. You will dress in whatever manner around each other, outfits that will have you criticized on a fashion column. You will go hiking together and remind yourselves of the days you used to skinny dip in that river near your grandmother’s. You will do many things together until one day their laughter remains an echo, their presence remains a memory and their words remain only to be thought of.

You will break your own heart. You will be desperate in the wrong relationship. You will hang around in the wrong job. You will listen to the wrong words and you will suffer the consequences of your wrong choices.

Life will break your heart, left or right of the planet.

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