Be still with me. For a moment.


The sun, setting away in the distance. Giving away generously, its warmth. Cordially kissing the earth goodbye and assuring it of its presence the next day. Sending off ample thoughts to everyone who toiled through the hours of its light, and to those who simply chose to take it in with no rush. Slowly, it drifts away over the edge, as if slowly going to sleep – to rest before breaking the new dawn with the new energy of a new day.

The trees, swaying, dancing to a tune formulated by the wind. As if holding hands, and instead of going round and round, they sway back and forth, side to side. The sun’s golden rays light through them, softly joining in their cheer. The branches, swaying more vigorously. The definite source of this end of day performance.

The birds, chirping as they fly through. Some perched on calmer trees, that seem to be by standers at this splendid staging. Flying, they add flavour to the music. From high melodious squawks, to warm softer tones. From high-energy continous tunes to occasional attention demanding tones. Bees, buzzing as they fly by, leaving a trail of energy behind. Butterflies, teasing each other in pairs as they dance to the music. Their bright colors, like decoration, enlivening the show.


The air, fresh as can be. Gently filtered and softly delivered in a pleasant temperature. Beckoning for long, multiple, deep breaths to cleanse your soul. A light breeze hits your face, carefully orchestrated by the wind, washing off any tension and massages with you with calming thoughts.

You close your eyes.

The earth, at this moment, is working together to be your source of peace.

You take a deep breath and open your eyes. What majestic wonder. How can something so natural, mainstream to the eye even, look and feel so peaceful and out of this world.

You take off your shoes and feel the grass. Gently perching your feet at first, but the grass fully embraces you, motioning you to sink your feet in. How welcoming. A wave of calmness rushes through you. Gently, yet definite, beckoning you to let go of the hurt, pain and grief you harbour. Replacing it with peace, contentment and gratitude.

The earth woo’s you closer and you sit down in lotus position. You close your eyes. You feel it’s energy flowing freely through you. Filling you with gratitude, ridding any negative thought.All you can hear, see and be is what you are now. No past, no future, just you in this moment, connected to the universe. The birds are still singing, the butterflies are still dancing, the breeze still surrounding you and the trees are still swaying.


You take one last breath and open your eyes. The sun, off to its rest has left behind a trace of yellow dust. The birds singing more softly now, the trees sway more gently. Slowly, the earth is going off to rest.

You rise, and put on your shoes.

You’ll be back again in the morning. The earth, patiently waiting for you to rise.

Meditate often, find your calm.

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    Absolutely love this.

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