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  • The Moon by my bedside.


    Cold. It’s cold outside. The wind whistling to an unknown tune and the trees, the few there are, sway obediently. I can hear them walking outside, the people. Lives so committed to everything else apart from themselves. I hear them drive by. I wonder what time they rise. Is this so bad of a dog’s […]

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  • My North-Rift Ordeal.


    Let me start by saying that I am a very faithful North Rift user. Isn’t everyone? By everyone, I mean those who are lucky or unlucky enough, depending on your experience, to be in their areas of service. For a girl who loves Eldoret but has to make and do something with her life in […]

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  • The Tuesday that was.


    I have always been the girl who has always been lucky enough to never get rained on in town, or anywhere else for that matter. I always make it to my desired destination minutes before it rains or immediately after the pour. I have never been caught up in a rainy situation; or rather, I […]

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  • I shouldn’t have.


    Minutes conceived and gave birth to hours which gave way to days and now weeks. Weeks of wondering, pondering, questioning and feeling. Emotions, such good guides but the most excellent tormentors. Every night, robbing me of my sleep to burn my heart. Burn it to its core but never to ashes, because my Emotions love […]

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  • Life will break your heart.


    You’d think that only love has the capability of tearing your heart apart like an excited child unwrapping his Christmas present leaving pieces tattered everywhere leaving you choking in pain. If you have loved before you know this, and you probably believe that it’s only love that can give you extreme bliss and before you […]