• Musings
  • The Agony of Healing.


    A paradox. The path is long. Endless. Yet the journey beckons. Calming, but tempestuous. Breath taking, but suffocating. Rejuvenating, but degenerative. Peaceful, but chaotic. Yet the journey beckons. It’s a storm in your heart. Doubt is attacking, courage is needed. Pain is haunting, strength is sought. Weakness is tempting, bravery is in want of. Fear […]

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  • Draw Back. Shoot.


    Bow in arm, firmly gripped in your wrist. On your side, arrows lean steadily on each other in the arrow tube. You reach out for one and nock it. You attach your mechanical grip and look out in the open field. The target, still as can be, beckons you. You stand at a right angle […]

  • Musings
  • Be Still.


    When it hurts. When you’re lost. When courage deserts you. Be still. When you’re broken. When it all doesn’t make sense. When you’ve been abandoned. Be still. When it all crashes before you. When you loose your grip. When you drown in it all. Be still. When the pain is deep. When the silence is […]

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  • What I’ve learned…


    Most of the lessons I learn and remember in life, are those that happen during difficult and painful moments. That was most of my 2017. I have been holding off sharing this because it’s still something I’m not comfortable having out there, but I’ll share the lessons. I’ll start with a back story; I got […]